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SmarterMonitoring™ is a free web page monitoring service.


So we had a client using Peer1 for managed hosting with a package that included "basic monitoring." One of the client's production web-applications fell down and remained offline for over 15 hours before a customer complained. Understandably embarrassed, our client demanded to know why Peer1's monitoring had failed to alert them of the outage and upon investigation we received this reply:

Dear xxxxxxx,

Our basic monitoring only does HTTP banner checks against ports 80 & 443.  
If you would like to have specific URL(s) checked we offer a more advanced monitoring package called SmartMonitoring.  
You can get more info from your sales rep or at

If you need additional assistance, please feel free to contact us. 
Thank you for choosing Peer 1 Network Managed Hosting we appreciate your business.

Thank You, 

xxxx xxxxx
System Administrator
Peer 1 Managed Hosting Support 

So Peer1's response was an attempted upsell from paid port monitoring to more expensive URL monitoring. Ouch...that's some heavy insult heaped on a customer's injury. Thanks Peer1.

Port monitoring of http(s) has its place, but it doesn't meet even the most basic needs of a real website. It will not detect a failing database, a fallen appserver, or even a good number of httpd outages. Giving the name "Basic Monitoring" to anything less than full URL monitoring is some serious customer dis-service.

Rather than just take a philosophical stand, we decided to underscore our point by throwing together a free web page monitoring service - in less than 24 hours (that's real consecutive time from conception to production.) Thus SmarterMonitoring on was born.

So no more excuses for the service providers offering monitoring entry points that fail to meet even basic needs. Here's a free service reliably delivering actual web page monitoring - time to step up with some real value.

Give me the geeky details...

We support monitoring any properly formatted http or https URL using 5 minute intervals. If your page does not respond with a HTTP response code in less than 10 seconds, we consider the query a failure. We consider any HTTP response code less than 400 a success - everything else is considered a failure. We send alerts each time a page toggles between success or failure.

The entire application is hosted on Google's App Engine (GSE) infrastructure - insuring good reliability.


We don't spam. Ever. Besides, we're not even selling anything!

What is HTTP status code 999?

Your web page must return a response to our check request in under 10 seconds. If it does not, we record the monitoring attempt as an error and log it with the placeholder 999. Most users will abandon a request well before the 10 second mark, so we feel a response that takes 10 seconds or longer can legitimately be viewed as a failure.